HAPPY 2013

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Hiya and Happy New Year Beauts!!!

2012 was full of great events, growth, and opportunities. 
As sad as I am to see it go, I am more excited for the arrival of 2013.
 Although I told myself I didn't have any resolutions to define or confirm, 
they kind of developed out of me blabbing on and on conversations 
I've had with my hub and mother the past couple of days. 

1. Stop comparing yourself to others Kel!---- 
One persons path to victory and success
is custom made to them and WILL NOT be exactly the same for you. 
Stop expecting the same results that one person gets to happen for you. 
It wont happen verbatim. 
So take the ingredients you've been given and make your own damn cupcakes. 

2. Focus your passions--- I am a creative. I can ideate my way into and out of everything. 
But sometimes all of those ideas run off and become something unstructured
and muddled. Regarding my business ventures, I want to refocus and restructure to create 
a persona worth falling in love with. And as for the blog...I still crave it. 
I want to see it grow more than it did last year. Not only in numbers, but in content---
adding more original content and keep to a schedule that is 
conducive to my work life. That is my main priority. 
I figure once those come, I can introduce collaborations and features. 
One step at a time. 

3. Get my finances situated----this is a constant for me. Why? 
Because I am a beauty seeker and I think 
A LOT of things are beautiful and worth possessing. 
But le hub and I are trying to grow both as a family 
and as business owners so not everything can end up in my cart. 

4. Keep the color flowing! Last year, Kate Spade launched their "live" campaign. 
One of them being live colorfully.  I took this to heart. 
I was trapped in the taupe-y rose and beige romantics phase and 
it wasn't at all me anymore. 
I decided to change that and introduce more color. 
And boy did I! I even got an opportunity to foray that declaration with Gap.
If it ain't broke, why fix it?

5. On a more serious note---work out some paternal issues. I'll leave it at that.

6. Find the sexy that is buried somewhere in there.  My body has changed
I've got myself a set of curves that I really don't know what to do with.  
And le hub doesn't necessarily want them to go away. 
I've always been "the cute one" out of my friends, not the hot one. 
I've kind of accepted it and just never developed a va-va voomness.  
Well, after a mini lecture, I am tossing my 
somewhat juvenile pajamas and trading them in 
for sets of not too overt, big girl sleepwear. 

7. Live Naturally---- I began transitioning and the journey is interestingly tough. 
But I am adamant about changing the structure of my beauty regimen. 
Both for my hair and skin. 
I have already tossed out all the chemical based products
 that I used for my skin. 
And the results have already shown! 
A hearty Discover Beauty walk through is coming.
Trust me!

8. Detox---This is my cliche reso. 
To fix what is broken and my diet is just that. 
Which is where the curves I spoke of above have derived from. 
but beyond weight, I just feel less healthy inside.
Changing this is a must.

9. Don't allow your loyalty to become slavery.
Letting go of friendships that are toxic, commitments that are 
taxing, and possessions that confine
are essential to living a bit more freely.  

10. Spend more time with the Mini---
Because this is listed last doesn't mean it is less important. 
It is in fact the most important and crucial to my happiness. 
She is growing at a tremendous rate and with that
 comes, questions and curiosities that she trusts me to answer.  
Not sure if it is just my child that has questions about weight, race and hair
but I am determined to build her confidence in herself. Even at 4.

This is only the foam at the top of the glass. 
And will probably alter at some point but a starting line needed to be defined. 
 I hope this year is chock full of yesness for you guys. 
Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Cheers to a you and the great 2013!!!



  1. Kel,
    This is a gorgeous resolution! I pray that you'll be able to keep it.
    I think it is true that everyone's path to success is "custom." And this makes sense because everyones definition of success is different. To somebody the petal of the rose is great while to another, only the whole will do.

    I for one am a huge fan of your blog. I don't always comment. But I often read. Keep up with the great stuff. To the parternal stuff, best of luck, to # 9; I am working on that too, I couldn't have put it any better. And YAY to going all-natural!

    Happy New Year, Kel! May it be amazing to you and all that you hold dear.


    1. Thanks so much for all your kind words over the year Jane! Cheers to a great year!!!!

  2. These are some great resolutions! I love No. 2 - I'm all about doing what makes you passionate. Similar to your Live Naturally goal, I'm trying to transition into eating more clean/organic. Sometimes it's really too easy to reach for something microwaveable though. ;) Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Yes I am totally with you on the eating cleaner and more organic foods! I need to map that plan out. Im planning on doing a juice cleanse (at some point this year). We'll see ;) Have a Happy New Year!