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Happy Matri-Monday Lovies!
You guys should know by now that I am pretty cheesy.
I was totally a mix tape/CD gal. Made them for all my boyfriends of the 
the past (inserted horror music for some) 
I haven't made one in a while. Actually the last one was for my hub, back when we 
were in the earlier, but not too creepy for a mix tape stage of our relationship.
 Inspired by one of my favorite Tumblr ladies,
 I thought for I would give you all a list of (some) of my favorite love songs.

Sea of Love- Cat Power

Dream a Little Dream- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Never Felt This Way- Brian McKnight

When You Say Nothing At All- Alison Krauss

So High- John Legend

I'll Be Seein' You- Billie Holiday

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Celine Dion

Breathless/Like A Star- Corinne Bailey Rae

Shelter- Ray Lamontagne

Turn Your Lights Down Low- Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley

This Woman's Work- Maxwell

By Your Side- Sade
(This was my "here comes the bride" song)

But let's be real, some of you may be going through less than 
sparkly times in the lovin department. 
Hey, it happens.
That just means you get to blast some equally great 
anti-love songs and indulge in some wearing of 
"I bet you wished you acted right and had me back" 
types of dresses.
If that is the case, go ahead and give these a shot...maybe with a shot...



  1. I must be in the happy part of the love department because I totally dig this list of songs! Actually just added them to my Youtube playlist at work. :)

  2. love the list. I was a mixtape girl too - what's wrong with that?! hehe