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I've got the itch again. 
Thinking about decorating.... a space that doesn't exist yet.
We are in the embryonic phase of our house hunt,
so I can't hop on the "picking out paint colors" train just yet.
But it is so fun exploring.
I can admit that my interior design style is not 100% definite. 
I have never had a space where I could completely 
release my taste. Which is always evolving. 
(largely because I am constantly seeing spaces that I adore-- 
both minimalistic to eclectic tribal to mid-century modern to shabby chic)
 A week or so ago, I went to Club Monaco at Lenox and saw the most amazing chairs.
It sent me in a frenzy. I needed to find the chairs. 
Sadly no one in the store knew where they were sourced. 
So off to Google I went. Typing in every descriptor and low and behold
I found it!!! At Organic Modernism.
A place I have never visited and found large pieces for my interior style puzzle.
I know for a fact my heart beats really fast when brass is involve with, well, anything.
I love me a clean line and great material integration.
You have to take a visit. Especially to check out the best pink sofa 
(that I know my husband would let happen.  Maybe whenever I get an office or studio space) 

You got any great interior reco's? Please, please send them over this way. 

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