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 I was fortunate enough to attend SCAD and 
develop great friendships with a collection of talented artists and designers. 
There were 2 handfuls of us that would stay locked up in the building working on 
yesness...feeding off of each other. 
Having random dance parties to Michael Jackson, eating tons of cupcakes and 
sipping wine, cursing out broken "lucky" Juki's. 
It was great. 
One of the ladies that I would hug now if I could is Chelsea Rose Cook
who now has a collection of matrimony pretties that will make your knees weak. 

There are quite a few weddings that she has lent her talents to, 
including the wedding of her senior year partner in 
crime Ginny Branch Stelling (top 2 photos)
where she created a ruffled bolero that resembled the works of a 
French pastry artist, only it was chiffon magic.

For the spunk & wit of Halligan Norris (bottom 2 photos), 
Chelsea whipped up the sweetest bit of a dress perfect for her charming 
vintage circus themed nuptials. 

See more of Chelsea's matrimony magic here and 
visit her shop to see tons
of yesness for your upcoming wedding! 



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