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When I was little, I would visit the homes of 
my grandparents friends. 
Being West Indian meant that there were formal sitting rooms
(yes the plastic covered sofa kind)
with loads of silky, thick fringe everywhere. 
The curtains. The sofas. The pillows. The chairs. 
Even hanging in open door ways. 

When I came across Brook&Lyn
I was yanked right back to the days frilly itchy dress 
(yes with matching ruffled lace bloomers)
and placed in those living rooms sitting just as still 
as I was told and left transfixed on the movement, 
layers of inspiring palettes and planar shifts. 

Looking at an installation this textural is a
sensorial immersion that only causes you to 
crave a finger graze. 
You want to see it dance, yet you are fully aware of 
the caution that is needed when cradling it.
That is exactly what justifies it's greatness. 
It leaves you wanting more, but you are not left the least 
bit empty based on an observation alone. 

To see more work from Brook&Lyn visit there site
The blog is a rabbit hole too. So definitely block out a 
solid 2 hours for this scroll session. 


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