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 I confess: I am in love with flowers I'm stating this,
 because there was a time where I actually didn't "like" them. 
Or maybe it was the guy I was with that talked me out of liking them?? 
Yeah that's probably it.
Well, thankfully the tide changed and my husband came along with bouquets in tow. 
Although he hates to be generalized, he is similar to the average guy. 
He doesn't necessarily have botanical charts tattooed on the inside of his eyelids
 and therefore is not able to remember the names of a few favorites of mine. 
And hell, I don't know the name to many of them... I usually just point to 
the "meaty layered  blush colored one on the right"and hot pink 
one with the long, crooked stem.
 So there have been many-o-copy/paste grocery or farmers market bundles.
But sometimes the unpredictable arrangement is swooniful 
and a trip a floral designer is more suitable.
It wasn't until I began planning my wedding last year that I began my re-infatuation 
with natures eye candy. Since Spring is on the way, it usually means 
wedding season is right along side of it. 
For those of you that are in full on wedding prep mode or for if 
you are planning a lovely dinner and need some table zjush
I thought it would be fun to feature a few of my favorite regional floral designers.

Amy of Amy Merrick Flowers & Styling - Brooklyn, New York
I met this gem at Ginny's wedding a few years ago. 
There was such an smoldering intensity behind her eyes, but something from eras 
of the past that made her so insanely charming and magnetic. 
If you mosey on over to her blog you can find these hauntingly 
beautiful shots of her New York studio littered with the most vibrant 
specimens... She leaves enough room in each arrangement for unexpected additions
and wild lines that you don't see in traditional designs. 
Which is why she has been snagged for Kinfolk and Ralph Lauren 
for floral design projects.
 Let's just say, I would love to go through her trash bin.
And following her on Instagram is a must 

*all photos taken from Amy Merrick site

I think of her as the Floral Fairy Godmother of the south
I met Amy on the set of the Gap Styld.by Rue Magazine shoot. 
The pint size firecracker has wand that makes the floral industry 
fun and understandable and not the least bit intimidating. If you 
are thinking of a Serenbe or country chic with succulent & colorful hits
Amy and her team of magicians are a top pick.
After seeing the tutorial using paper flowers it is clear that 
the limitations are non-existent. 
Check out the behind the scenes look at all the wonder.

*all photos taken from Amy Osaba site

Amy & Kristen of Moon Canyon Design Co. - Los Angeles, California
I discovered these gals on Designlovefest and I immediately 
fell in love with the effortlessness they created. 
They have found a way to hone in on their youthful vibe and arrange
carefree pleasantries that include unexpected sweets like succulents alongside
a grouping of pinatas. No explanation needed. It just works!
There is nothing worse than an overly pretentious and stuffy arrangement. 
(It screams a bit to front of the alter and has no personality. just my opinion)
Kristin and Amy have there fingers on rhythmic pulse and 
fists wrapped tightly around some rananculas.
I'm looking forward to seeing more from them.
See more goodness here

*all photos taken from Moon Canyon site & Instagram

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