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1. It's Charlie!! (Christopher Abbott)
(recently added to my list of "guy's that make my eyes glisten".)
2. It's about love rekindled--- personally, I think it's the best kind.
3. It's Free People
Free People is one of those rare entities that has the ability to 
find the right girl, with the right hair, with the right tattoos, lovin the right guy
and it makes us all want to be her in that moment. 
Whether she's wearing a large feather headdress...
frosted sequins with snow in her hair... or running 
through the fields in the Spring. 
There is a constant...and the message is never vague or muddled. 
Always loud and clear, who they are targeting and why. 
They have the wand that makes you magic.  
(I guess what you're hearing is the love i have URBN brands.)
They've always been able to feed me through all my phases.

Enjoy! ---Kel

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