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How great is this print by Sebastien Thibault?
It's kind of shows exactly how I have been feeling for the past 2 weeks. 
Which explains the sparse posts. 
Overwhelmed with work, whilst trying my best to remain a somewhat fabulous
version of myself---so throwing on socks and tights have become a standard. 
No, but in all seriousness, life's been busy and i am trying my best to find the calm
and the happiness in the midst of it all. 
My dose of happiness this week
 was attending an event and seeing good friends and meeting 

I guess all of this is to knead me into something better. In fact, I know it is. 
It's just accepting the tasks and doing them with a pleasant disposition. 
If I'm light over here, don't think I've abandoned this world totally. 
This blog is a major priority of mine, but so is eating and rent. 
(you get it, I'm sure). 

I hope you are going into the weekend with plans of rebooting, relaxing, and laughing! 
 Cheers & Bisous!!--Kel



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