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Last week I attended an event hosted at West Elm
and their wave of the magic wand. 

 West Elm is reintroducing their paper flowers for the Spring
so Amy & Ginny figured out a lovely little way to 
create keepsakes from these already beautiful forever fancies. 

And you wouldn't believe the greatness that could come 
from the most basic of materials...
All anything needs is a squint of the eye and some love.
Using some white ink (and the most delicate flick of the wrist), adding the 
the flower species name makes it a little less
Pinterest craft party and more artisanal. 
They even suggested placing the flowers in the glass boxes,
which would be the perfect topper for your stack of interior books or 
end table.

Definitely mosey on down to West Elm for your dose of pretty!


*all photos take by me.

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