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Ok, so I know Valentine's day is over...
all the heart have been cleared out of target (insert sadface)
but I figured that the love should be spread throughout the year. 
I mean we are given 365 days, why not take more of those to shout from the mountain tops....
or from our keyboards to show a lil' love and thanks to those that inspire us daily. 
Seriously, blogging is creative fuel. 
There were times in the past were I tried to deny the amount of 
love i have for it, and it only bit me in the ass with more awesomeness to scroll through. 
I guess this is me saying, that a in fully committed, totally head
over heals in love with you....blogging. 
Over time I will highlight the people behind the amazing blogs that I frequently peruse.
Not to deliver any type of award or badge, but just a thank you for 
squeezing out the right amount of brain juices to make what appears on a zillion 
screens everyday, so breathtakingly inspiring. 
So.... here goes!!!

What is there even left to say about Bri...
an all encompassing description comes to mind:
The hard working but makes it look like a cake walk blogger genius. 
Yes, the word "genius" seems a little over the top initially, 
but let's think about this for a second, shall we.
Girl begins blog. Girl likes design...loving...and partying. 
Girl comes up with an electric and memorable name for said blog.
Girl divulges all quirks, posts major type inspo, and poses quirkily with a messy nest of 
bright blonde locks touched by the bedhead gods. 
Girl shifts gears....realizes "hey, they like me.... let's give em more" 
Ups the ante with original posts....
Realizes again, "hey they have questions and I apparently have answers" 
Poof! Girl teams up with a kick ass photographer/graphic designer and creates Blogshop 
and teaches the world (literally) how to create your very own 
world on a 17" (or larger) platform.
Yeah..... see the only word that comes to mind when you see a person
living in their passion AND living off of their passion-fruit is genius. And blessed!!!
So you go Glen Coco Bri!

The pint sized Blogger/Foodie/Mom/Pattexlor Extraodinare
Joy Cho of Oh! Joy (Studio, RX, Writing, Blog) is a package of yes! 
It was her blog that I got me riding this blogging wave. 
When you have an initiative to simply make someone happy
via confetti bombs you automatically get bumped up 8 spots in my book. 
Joy has an affinity for making her world the cheeriest place
with dabbles of polka dots, pit stops at food trucks and sweet spots. 
And most of all the center stone gem, her mini, Ruby....
I mean...the cute-ometer flies off the charts! It's all in the cheeks!
But those are surface factors. The fact that she has been so kind
to share with us all her wealth of knowledge makes her golden.
Her books Creative Inc and Blog Inc are a 
must, Must, MUST read if you are interested in making
your business/blog a food to mouth or even a shoe to foot source of income.

This is only the beginning of a long list of inspirettes
So let's all ride the same train on this one, K!
Be sure to give a little whoop
 to the blogger(s) that you may or may not cyber besties with. 
Just cook up a little thank you. 
You never know if behind the perfectly photographed 
style post, they may be having an off day. 
So stop twitter/IG/facebook stalking, and tell em how you really feel.
Not just a 'like'....on every single picture. 
 We can all follow along and discover new favorites together.
Share your blogger love with #Inspirettes

Cheers & Happy Lovin! 

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