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I dub her a Color Kitten extraordinaire for her ability to simply 
make my heart race and my imagination zing.
You know those mind bender puzzles that you would look through as a kid 
where every time you looked at it, you'd find something new embedded in it? 
This is exactly what these screen prints by Kirra Jamison do to my senses...
my eyes stay bouncing in a great way. 

It's all a broken image that you just want to bring back together, but can't 
so you make up your own interpretation. 
That is the most beautiful forms of print and art as a whole.
Allowing the viewer to immerse themselves into a piece however they please. 

Yes there can be the artists' own interpretation, but honestly the whole 
purpose of creating (whether it be a painting, architecture, or floral design) 
 is to allow enough room leftover in the piece
to be somewhat of a transcendental and emotional experience.  
Not saying you have to fall over crying your eyes out, 
if it strikes a nerve of anger, happiness, lust or utter disdain
it can be considered a success.

Do your eyes a favor and scope out her home tour. I literally laid
my head on the screen hoping it'll rub off through osmosis.
To Discover more Artist venture over here
And if you have any lovely recommendations, 
please feel free to leave them below. 


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