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Good gravy!!!
Yes, that is exactly what, ever so ungracefully, fell out of my mouth
when I initially saw Judith Geher's work. 
It completely shows now representation of my formal training, but 
sometimes formality is over rated. 
Honestly, nothing makes me happier than the richness of thick
broad brush strokes that are so pasty and tacky (in a textural form).
I love being to feel the painting without having to illegally 
graze it in the gallery. 
And to place them on a wood panel... the contradiction of hard versus soft
only leaves room for instantaneous swooning.

The Toronto artist infuses wind into her works...
So wild with color and Spring.... 
femininity and delicacy
a complete and utter cravings satisfy-er 
should you be with the masses that are breathing heavily 
out of disdain for this miserable winter weather. 

I urge you to visit her online gallery and thumb through her
past works. 
Venture here to Discover more artists...

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