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Well Hiya!!!
It has been forever and a half since I have done a post.
Sorry about that. The past week was sort of a bruise. 
My phone died. I know, I know!!! Hashtag 1st world problems. 
But that problem also meant a slow down on a social scheme.
And a loss of TONS of photos that were for a few blog posts. 
Thankfully, I finally got my new one in and I am back! 
Never thought I would crave a piece of technology so badly, 
but I guess when you create a platform such as this, it becomes
as essential as you right hand. 
Speaking of hands....

Have you checked out the latest venture in the shoppe!!?
Yeah, Chloe is always wanting something that is for her size.
And I figured she is proooobably not the only mini chick asking for that.
She's been my wing woman lately. Picking hair colors and names and dresses. 
Getting her into the creative groove early.... wink wink 
 While I was away I have been diligently working on newbies.
These finger puppets for SeEm by (r-ki-tekt) just went up. 
 I am kind of jealous of their dresses. 
I have a serious crush on Liberty of London....Everything!!!
It's all so whimsical and girlie...
As always I try my best to keep the mood fresh and fun...
Hope you like.

As for me 
I don't have much of an update for you, other 
than, I have never felt so completely free and me lately.
A large part due to my job transition from inside the box to freelance. 
Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned that either yet, huh. 
Along with building (r-ki-tekt), I have decided to try my
hand at freelance Design and Blogging... and being a creative hand.
The latter pertains to taking larger visual projects and really re-immersing myself 
back into what I know best: Making.
I'm really working on remembering all that is truly pleasurable and not so much, 
in order to maintain this blissful medium I have recently discovered. 
I want my hands to remain busy at all times, as I feel as though they were 
somewhat bound together for so long. All in all, I'm feeling very
 Catepillar to Butterfly these days and it pretty much kicks ass! 
So if you are looking for Blogger collaborations or know
of anyone looking for a little color kitten to spread a little shine their way
please let me know. I'd love you forever for it.

I hope you all are doing amazing. 
And I can't wait to be back to my regular blogging schedule! 
In the mean time, you can always keep up with my antics on

Until next time...
Cheers & Bisous!---Kel


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