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 good gracious this has been an eventful day
but the best day i have seen in a while.
today was my last day as a designer for Goody. i have never felt so free 
and excited about what's to come. not just for me as a designer
 but me as a business owner. i am beyond thrilled to be able to finally
 devote the love and time to my passion and most importantly my family.
 they were seriously getting the shortest end of the stick.
 in fact it was more like a splinter. how dare i. i gained 
mucho silver hairs and a few pounds.
 i lost much of myself during this time, but would be lying if i said the 
experience and knowledge
 i gained wasn't amazing and necessary.
 and the fantastic women and men that i met are golden.
 that is what i will miss more than anything. 
i spent more time with them than i did with my family. 
they were not co workers but my friends. in saying all that. i have a lot 
of figuring out to do and ducks to get in a row over the next couple of days. 
so the posts will be a little lite this week, which i hope you guys understand.
 thanks so much for your encouragement over the years. 
and cheers to a new adventure!!!! 


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