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My patience is wearing quite thin with winter. 
I am feeling a bit cabin feverish, but trapped in sweaters and my coat
as opposed to a house. Ready for skirts, sans tights and warmth of 
the sun. I guess I am looking for the cusp Spring and Summer.
Not quite the air that is pollen-wasted, nor sweltering. 

So let's all take a sec to imagine diving into that pool above....

Ok, now for the meat and potatoes....
I have HUGE hugs to send out this week to quite a few

First up, many thanks to Style Blueprint of Atlanta for featuring me 
in there Faces of Atlanta column. I am beyond flattered to even be considered
and recognized. 

A handful of yesness landed in Stephanie's amazingly curated shop, 
Baba Souk. I'm so happy to have them cozying up next 
to other amazing artists. 

I'm putting together an entire posse of cool kids...
No Seriously. It's like a wooden daycare facility confined to my work table.
Check them out here.

I loved how Gina of Hello There Home wore the Royal Flush Bobbi Pin. 
They are sold out, but these are just as schnazzy!

Learning the fate of Disney Princesses has never been more 
hilarious. Go ahead and ensue in some laughter and 

 I love a good color crush!
Stephanie's swooning for navy & coral for Spring and Liyla fits the bill  

Punky Brewster was my sh-ero back in the day...
She still has an influence on me now. I just can't shake it. 

I am so excited for this weekend! 
I will be attending this seminar and topping it off with
a much needed update-lunch date with my girls

I hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing
(or busy in a good way) weekend ahead of you! 
Remember to find the greatness in everything...
even those situations, things, & people covered in mud. 


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