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Hey y'all
(my inner southerner just escaped...reeling her in a bit) 
Sorry that I haven't been so sparse here. 
I have been prepping for I.C.E and mainly trying to stay awake
from being so tired lately. 
Hopefully the next  couple of weeks after the show will be a little better and easier
for me to take on. 

For some fun Friday news:

(r-ki-tekt) goodies were in another gift bag for Brooklyn Blogshop! 
you can go check out the full listing of other adds ovah here

Also if you are attending The Maidae Mixer you could be one of the lucky attendees to 
win something lovely from my shoppe! Keep your fingers and toes crossed. 

If you are looking for a great way to foster and nurture your creative seed, then you 
NEED to know about C.A.M.P. my good friend Ginny and a posse of awesome styling, floral, & beauty troops are expanding the yesness that began in 
2012 and bringing Southern creatives together to help us figure out how to 
become better vessels.  Classes have just been posted and more are to come, as this is suppose to extend throughout the year. Go give it a look see!

As for this weekend...
it's my 2 year anniversary. Married folk out there know 
EVERY year you make is a year to celebrate. 
Not sure what we will do (not because it's a surprise, 
but because it's been so crazy that we haven't had a moment plan properly. ) 
We will probably do something for our July anniversary. Yeah we have 2 dates...
As for the ride, it's fun, yet bumpy.
 It's not an easy show, to say the least, but honestly the great out weighs the sour.
To the hitched newbie readers hang in there... and just know that 
with every hiccup, you are not alone. By far.
Even if your other married friends put on the gloss of pure bliss,
 just know they too have a chipped surface too. 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Soak up some sun (slather on the SPF 
I totally got splotchy last weekend because I forgot)
Eat some great food...that you normally aren't supposed to eat.
and if its summer where you are, blast the hell out of your car radio with the windows down.

Cheers & Bisous!!


  1. Great, honest words on marriage, and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy belated Anniversary, Kel! And a ton of good luck with the fair!!!