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I just went on the best date the other night. 
A date with about 85 other people. 
Creative people that magically all spoke the same language. 
A surprise to us all, because so many of us didn't know that 
the other existed...and in the same city. 

Atlanta is new to a lot of thing. not creativity, by far. We are chock full of the that.
But great moments or events to come together...that needed a little work. 
I mentioned to you a little while ago to keep an eye out for some bits of awesomeness, 
in particular 
CAMP--a treat unearthed by Ginny. A tribe of amazing-s made up of 
Amy, Erica, Claudia, Krista, Ali, Shana and a scoop full of other talented 
creatives will come together to host workshops
to help those trying to perfect their craft---well, perfect it!

beautiful garland paired with white bulbs were the name of the game; Cute little s'more kits were given as tokens, lots of chit-chat going on; 
Rachel of The Seed Factory and me

They kicked off launch with a Summer Supper at the ever lovely 
Sun In My Belly.
 And when I say the night could not have been more lovely...
Avatars, twitter handles, and blog profiles came to life!! 
People who I have followed and admired for ages were in the same room
discovering new friends. I say friends because this didn't feel like the normal
 networking or social. I had convos yes about business, but also about labor pains, 
long distance love and where to buy the best washi tape. 

 A few of the lovelies that were in attendance

There were giggles, glitters, and high fives! 
It. Was. Sensational. 
I am having a hard time choosing which course I should take. 
They will have a couple more added to the menu. 
All I know is there is something great brewing and I urge you
if you are in the area or plan
to visit the south over the summer
 to check it out for the sake of your creative nourishment.

Hope this leads you to something lovely!!

Cheers & Bisous!

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