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When you can’t be honest with people, you can’t ever relax with them.
Dorothy Koomson, My Best Friend’s Girl
I stumbled upon the quote above on Kat's page and as I was reading it
I looked down at myself in all my un-primped glory. My hair is frizzy from the new growth 
and the butt loads of rain we have had over the past two weeks. I'm braless in a tank that doesn't 
match the jersey skirt I have on. My toenail polish is a sad 2-coat (without base or top coat).
I am relaxed to say the least. I hear my husbands voice in the other room chatting with 
family and I am relaxed. Not necessarily worried about this semi-mess of a lady this pregnancy 
has made me, but comfortably in my house at night waiting for my husband to join me on the 
couch for a movie over work night. 
And he will sit right beside me and stroke my frizzy hair and hold my 
terribly pedicured feet and pass me the salsa bowl, because leaning over 
will cause me the fall over. I am relaxed with this person. I am flawed around this 
person. And he is flawed around me. I can tell him my mistakes and he can 
tell me his. It is the most beautiful feeling to not have to rush to the bathroom
to shellack on another persona just to sit down and look comfortable. 
It's the perfect Thursday night in.... Relaxing.


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