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Hi Guys! 
So I just got back from a brief trip to Savannah with my husband. 
After a very busy summer and the idea that we won't have a moment to run away 
once the baby arrives...We ran. 
We haven't taken a trip in a long time and Savannah is only 4 hours away 
if you drive. And it's kind of like our home away from home. 
It's where we met and in essences fell in love.  It's kind of easy 
to fall in love in that city. It is an amazing backdrop to any romantic movie-esque moments. 
Walks in the park, Moss dripping over every road, dream homes, 
Great eats and entertainment. Oh and lets not forget the beach 
(Tybee Island) is a hiccup away. 
So I thought I'd let you in on the behind the scenes of our stay... 

 In case you weren't aware, I can eat one out of house and home these days. 
So food was honestly the most important part of this entire shebang. 
And the first stop, no questions asked is and will always be Zunzi's. 
If you've never been to Savannah then you don't understand the importance of this stop. 
Zunzi's opened during the last year of college for me, and once I discovered it,
it became the place I would treat myself to if I had some Art supply cash left over. 
They are only located in Savannah in (literally) a hole in the wall. 
So there is always a pretty healthy line posted on the side of it. 
I recommend the Oliver's Lunch topped with spicy special sauce. 
And don't forget your huge cup of  African Tea. 
I have no idea what's in it, but its damn good. 
We stayed on Tybee Island so I wasn't to familiar with the restaurants out there. 
All I knew for certain was that there had to be crab legs in front of me. 
So Sting Rays is where the magic happened.
 Perfectly seasoned cajun style crab legs and corn.
As we were leaving town, we thought about doing Zunzi's for round 2 but they were closed.
We happened to stumble upon a Mexican restaurant, 
Tequila's Town that did the job of closing out
a great weekend food haul. The only thing missing was the drinking. 
Not that I'm a huge drinker, but Savannah has really awesome pubs and restaurants for 
libations. Hubs promised a trip back just for that. I doubt we will be able to gun it like 
college, but it's worth a good shot. (see what I did there---whack I know)

 The Paris Market is, for lack of better words...magical. 
It was our last stop squeezed in before heading out.
Although, I wasn't able to browse for long, and you do need
ample amounts of time to scour this gem. With their treasures on the 1st floor
from gifts for the tykes to apothecary to their stash of vintage candy
This place is sure to collect all your hard earned moolah.
I bought back a scoop full of fancy marbles for Chloe and the 
most heavenly candle for my mother as a thank you for being awesome. 
Now on the second floor (as I remember) houses a glorious amount 
of vintage finds that any prop master or collector would dream to own.
I implore you to visit this shop in person if you visit Savannah. If you can't get there soon
just shop online follow them and ogle all their window 
displays and lovely new additions.

We are hoping to fit one more trip there with Chloe before the fall
since she loves it also. And to have as much memory making with her before
the baby arrives and kind of throws her only child syndrome out the 
Hope you guys find awesomeness in today! 


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