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Whew!! And I'm back!
My computer was ill and had to sent back to the factory
(give a whoop whoop for warranties) 
On the down side, my entire hard drive was wiped clean. 
So, I am starting fresh with a lot of things. 
This minor hiccup delayed the lovelies being posted in the shoppe because those
photos were housed on the computer as well. But seriously this time, 
stay tuned. I've been out and about in the past couple of weeks so I will recap those 
once I reboot this thing. 

But here is a quickie:
le bump is more like a mountain these days. 
All of a sudden I'm like really pregnant. 
Feeling better, yet definitely not looking at any of my old jeans as outfit 
options. (SN: purchased maternity shorts from Target and have been wearing them
for a week now. There is a purpose. I get it now.)
And yes for those that have asked, I will be doing a gender reveal very very soon! 
Any guesses? 

In current mommy hood news: We lost our first tooth!!!
Check out this little instavid of Chloe shortly after! 
I've also been gearing up for back to school.
She starts Kindergarten on Monday and we are pretty excited about it. 
She won't  be on the bus, but I did get a carpool tag and I figured that was
equally as truth telling about my current life as watching her step onto a bus. 
AND....my husband and I are PTA parents. 
 We will leave it at that. 

Another bit of newness in my life from a beauty perspective, I nixed the 
natural route for a moment 
(pregnancy hormones are doing a workin on my complexion)
(insert frown face) 
So I've started a new regimen with Simple skincare products and just
purchased a Pretika Sonic Dermabrasion facial brush. 
Have you guys heard of it?  Its similar to a Clarisonic, only $175 less...
(shout out to Marshalls for a pricing it for even less at $30 to the SRP of $50)
I figured I'd give it a whirl to see if I needed to take a major plunge into 
the Clarisonic pool or if I could stay in the shallow end and save some cash. 
Give me a few weeks to use it and I will do a review to report back some pros & cons
for those of you looking to up the ante on your skincare routine just a notch. 

I hope you all are amazing times infinity. 
It feels good to be back. 
A tablet and phone CANNOT do it all! 


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