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Love the simplicity of this kid's room...
I have been plagued by the thought of how exactly we are going to make
room for our new baby.
I really would like to keep Chloe's room as her own space to "escape" to 
since I know she will have that desire. 
I have flashbacks of when my brother arrived, during the Christmas holiday at that
and I wasn't left with a space to call mine. 
It may be only child syndrome, but heck it stuck with me for a bit as a 
kid.  For now we are going into this thinking that we will create a shared 
wind down and play space for them, up until we find another home. 
As long as I can stick it out for about 6 months
then I should be alright. 
Any of you out there battling space issues with multiple kids?
I would love some suggestions. 

In the mean time, I've pinned quite a few rooms that are totally out of my reach but
still I love.---Kel

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