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The other day I mentioned that we received 3 (yes 3) identical Martha Stewart 
pie stands as wedding gifts. Not sure how it happened exactly. 
(Probably just got trigger happy while developing my registry.)
They are simple and beautiful.
Because they came from special people and I have Catholic guilt, 
I couldn't bring myself to return the 2 extras, so like any hoarder would 
do, I kept them because "I will definitely have a use for ALL of the them someday!"
Well, a year later that time has come. 
 I decided to take 
these 3 pie stands and put them to work in ways that wouldn't typically 
use them for. 

The first stop was my bathroom counter.  
Here is an aftershot of the pie stand in action.
I am like most women: I keep it ALL out on the counter. you know,
 because I will definitely be using it more than once a day. 
(total lie) 
I needed to clear off the space for air and so my husband could feel like he
wasn't visiting a sorority house every time he went to brush his teeth. 
I stocked all the random eyeshadow pot, oils, & brushes below and
left only the essentials : My skincare products. 
Its amazing how enjoyable my morning and nighttime routine is 
now without having to figure where I can rest my hand while I 
style my hair. Clear space. Clear Mind. 

Here are a couple more ideas for you to think about as you
prep for your fall organization sessions. 
Organize your grains or your scents & baubs. Or you can 
just use it as it was intended...for pretty treats!
Hope this inspires you a bit.
Have a happy weekend loves!!---Kel

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