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Happy Monday guys! 
Hope your weekend was good. 
I made plans to go to the state fair and take some 
really IG worthy photos of ferris wheels and cotton candy,
 but instead I went grocery shopping 
and was completely exhausted afterward. 
Semi-bummer....but I DID
take a nap that was totally blissful and woke up to a 
fridge full of food! (SCORE) 
To a pregnant woman that is basically heaven.
As for today and the rest of the week, 
I have a few new items that I have to complete
this week that indeed stay on the golden track. 
Gotta love shiny bits & baubs. 

How about you? Any exciting events or meetups taking place? 
Fun announcements, recipes or links you'd like to share?
So far I plan on making this dish at some point this week to 
continue celebrating Autumn. 
Aside from that, I've watched Hocus Pocus maybe 3 or so times.
Totally normal for this time of year. 

Well, I hope you all shock the sugar out of the day!

**original photo edited for ATD by Kel C.L.

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