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Hi guys. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 
It has been raining here in Atlanta all day which has forced us to stay in. 
I never really complain about that though. 
Aside from take Chloe to gymnastics, we stumbled upon a sweet little French 
bakery near my home.  It made due considering I live in the suburbs of North Atlanta. 
It had the basics. Baguettes, Croissants, Pain au Choclat and plenty of pretty pastries. 
Not a single macaron, but tarts galore. 
we had simple sandwiches while drying off from a down pour, but sincerely nothing 
I couldn't have made at home. Slightly disappointed. 
Nope, I haven't fallen off of a cliff. 
I have been super busy with fulfilling orders and working on 
a really intense project for (r-ki-tekt).
That seems to be the tune I'm whistling quite often. 
I am just trying to fit in as much work as possible before I go on 
my extensive hiatus when the baby arrives. 
Yes, I will be putting the shoppe on vacation, as well as the blog 
with very minimal posting expectancy until I can figure 
out a rhythm with the my family + the new baby.
I must admit, I am a bit apprehensive about all of the changes 
taking place, but going to do my very best to find a balance
that suits my lifestyle early on and definitely not compare to others
in my line of work. 

You can totally keep up with me on IG for more frequent updates 
on the bump, new items, and escapades with Chloe. 

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