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It is early Sunday morning and I'm awake when I 
know I should be asleep, but this song is in my head. 
The commercial featuring it just aired a bit ago, so I 
blame it for my insomnia.
John Legend can go ahead an claim his place as my favorite 
living male vocalist. 
We danced to "So High" at our wedding and his 
album "Once Again" was pretty much the soundtrack 
to our courtship.
(I mean Save Room....Heaven Only Knows?? C'Mon)
Anywho, I had to post the video more so for it's intoxicating imagery.
It's stunning really.
CG has a place, and while it think a lomo lens is lovely, I enjoyed the use of it here.
And from a photographic perspective, there is nothing more pure than 
flesh on flesh that is not so overtly pornographic. 
But passionate. 
 I am overdue for an ITunes haul... and this is at the top of my list. 
What knew music are you guys listening to that I should add to my list?--Kel

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