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The other day I was in total funk.  I sat down to work, but found myself 
uninspired and cloudy. Kind of like those Jimmy Dean breakfast commercials.
(I was the blue rainbow) 
Everything I put together was wrong and I couldn't think 
of an alternative route to something magical. 
It has been a while since I felt this way but I had to dig my way out. 
My solution that works every single time without fail:
Shut Down and Log Off. 
Yes, I turned my phone and my computer off. 
My eyeballs occasionally feel like they are zinging and are on the brink of
oozing out of my head from "researching" too much and too long. 
If your mind is overloaded, simply unload and find a way to decompress.
Finding the quiet in a storm (aka an active household) may be tricky at times,
but you definitely have to flex to make peace work with your living situation. 
Scoop up all of the candles in the house, shut off the lights and take a shower.
Maybe bake some gooey cupcakes, or give yourself a sparkly mani/pedi. 
Hell do all 3 if that's what it takes. 
I'd say workout out but I can't even manage the flight of 16 or so stairs I have to 
climb to get to our front door. Maybe in a few months or so.
Just focus on preserving your sanity. In the creative industry that is the most
important thing. So tell me, how do you keep from poking your eyes out when 
your going through a creative block?--Kel

**image edited for ATD by KCL

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