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I'm always on the hunt for images to trigger newness. And walking
through a museum these days is pretty much out of the question. 
(I needed water, a vitamin, and a nap after grocery shopping the other day) 
And surprisingly after taking my pinterest activity in small bites
in recent months to clear my palette, 
I am back on it with a vengeance and editing my current boards 
along the way for a more organized feel.
Even though they were categorized in their proper folders, something 
about it was just a mess.  
Covers are updated, duplicates are deleted and cheesy names have been 
re-cheesified.  So follow along if you are in need for something to dance through
during your morning cup of java.--Kel

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  1. All of these photos are very unique - i love the simplicity and symmetry of the whole thing. I'll definitely check out your pinterest.