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Hi guys!! 
ICE Atlanta is fast approaching! 
This week the Pop-Up Shop opens and next weekend is the
Holiday Spectacular featuring 100+ indie artist and all of their 
awesome merch. (r-ki-tekt) will be in the house at both events (toe-touch)
with tons of new beauts to offer. 

For the next couple of installments of Discover Art
I wanted to loop you guys in on a
 of a couple of locals artists that pull my heartstrings.  Beginning with
Allison of Flower Crown Society
We met via social media (aka me swooning over her stunning creations)
and over the summer we finally met in person when we were neighboring booths at
Summer ICE. 
Let me tell you, the marriage between maker and product is so synergistic and beautiful 
to witness. She is just as lovely as the crowns she creates.
She definitely has a hold on, what I like to call the "free birds"--a label I created in college
for myself to describe the girl that ride the wind and is constantly...
lovely, for lack of better words. 

 She just launched a blog for Flower Crown Society that I am sure will 
help you make your daily wish quota for the early return of Spring.

Do your heart and soul a prop by visiting her shop or stopping by her booth
at the Holiday Spectacular to 
pick up something pretty (you won't be able to miss the overflow of flowers)
 and follow her BTS journey to building something magical.--Kel

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