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Hello Hello!
It has indeed been a while since I last touched base. 
And so much has occurred in between that time and now. 
From the craft show to laboring and delivering. 
The later being the most extraordinary of experience. 
And yes the above photo is my newbie, Levi, with Chloe. 
How am I?
To be honest, I am so ridiculously glad that the pregnancy part of 
the whole thing is over. This round was a tough one and my labor, for 
lack of better words sucked immensely. 
I was weak and felt totally defeated by the pain of it all. 
I learned that my tolerance for all of it was pretty much zero. 
I can't believe I was even considering going natural. 
My sister/cousins did it so I figured, maybe, just maybe I could bear it. 
Yeah, no. Not this chick here.
So I got the epidural. God's gift to counter the curse a bit. I made that decision 
to receive it about an hour into my labor. Around the time I was clawing into my husbands arm
and nearly threatening the RN. Do I regret it or feel like "less of a woman/mom"?
Heck no! I felt great after the epidural and without stress, Levi popped right on out!
Coming back home, has been fun and loud and different. 
Despite Chloe's 9 months of concern and worry about being left
behind and replaced by our "shining new baby" (her words, not mine)
she has handled the transition marvelously. She is definitely a "mini mom". 
Running around for diapers, bottles, and pacifiers and clothing him 
with tons of kisses. She's also provided a load of laughs regarding the 
discovery of the male anatomy. Yeah, it's a whole new ball game in the house. 

I just want to thank all of you that have stopped by to congratulate us over on 
 Instagram. I wasn't able to keep up with all of the comments to 
directly thank each of you. Thank you for your patience with the blog posting 
schedule. We are still trying to figure out a sleep/feeding/breathing schedule with 
Levi so once that is a solidified a bit, I will be back to the regularly scheduled 

Hope the week treats you all swell!--Kel 

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