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I am here for yellow. 
My grandmother had this philosophy that in times of 
stress, worry, or sadness, 
wear color and that color was yellow. 
It was good luck. 
I try to follow it in my wardrobe as much as I can...even when 
I'm not sad. Yellow just lifts the mood.
But lately I have been craving it around the house. 


Maybe because the Autumn palette finally hit around my house
and it is laced with goldrod and bright reds.
There is a huge golden tree that sits at the end of my street 
that is impossible not to stare at. 


I just love the use of the color with neutrals displayed in these homes.
It looks like it smells like lemon sorbet all around. 


And Holy Ceiling!!! 


And in a kitchen like this, it seems mandatory to bake
pies or something with a flaky crust and filled with 
gooey yesness, right?
Looks like some great conversations over mimosas 
have gone down here. 
What is your favorite home accent color? Or do you like to 
mix it all up with multiple tones and patterns?--Kel

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