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Happy Sunday Evening!!!
Things are moving along. 
I am 34 weeks aka I only have a projected 6 more weeks of this 
tiny person incubation process left. 
(insert freaked out, slightly panicked face)
I say projected because I am hoping that he stays in until 
after we are finished 
completing all of the things that are on the long list 
of things to do. 
Like cleaning and show prep.

What's going on this month: 

I did a swag drop for The Brand Market Workshop that went down 
this past weekend in Atlanta. The attendees (now officially color kittens) 
were given CMYK necklaces. 

(r-ki-tekt) is going to be featured along side other indie awesomeness in the
ICE Atlanta Pop-Up Shop from Nov 15th-Dec 30th. 
There you'll be able to find a handful of 
lovelies that were already featured in the shop and a little something new for
your colorful holiday shopping fix.

And of course there is the Holiday Spectacular for ICE Atlanta. 
I have been keeping my head down and focusing intensely 
on bringing freshness while sticking true to the DNA of (r-ki-tekt).
We learned a bunch from the Summer show and are hoping to continue to grow
and gain knowledge and experience in the indie world. 
 We are just so excited to be amongst some awesome and passionate
designers in this city. 

To follow the journey and get a sneak peek of some newbies that
weren't listed in the shoppe you can follow (r-ki-tekt) on IG now!

What else is happening:

Entertaining maven and Photo stylist Annette Joseph 
is hosting a book signing 
If you are interested photo styling or making the 
world a little bit more lovely, I have a feeling you'll want to be there. 

Being preggars means you may shed a few extra tears every 
now and again. If you're in need of a good happy-cry session over 
your platter of oreo's and peanut butter, 
check out this father's reaction.

My nail strength is finally coming back after a whack 
gel manicure job that left them brittle and peeling. 
So I am gearing back up for the holiday mani season and 
pinning some digit magic
Hope you all have an amazing start to the week. 
Try to take advantage of this extra hour we have gained. 

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