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You've heard me say this before...My house is a mess.
(yup. this my blogger confessional)
Working from home and actually living in it
takes its toll on all of the key spaces.  I am always cleaning and sprucing and 
doing my best not to overwhelm my family  with all of my "stuff" (supplies and such)
but it's not working. And what'll you know, this baby is on the way in 
about 30 days and I have to, have to, have to get my home in check for visitors. 
The fastest way for me to change a space without renting a demo bin to 
chuck everything out of the window is with pillows.
 Yeah, it seems like an elementary interior answer,
but it exist for a reason and  I swear by it. 
 I decided to dance over to a few reasonably priced sites 
to share some of my favorites pulls for spaces around the home. 

Starting with Goods by Grinn for the bedroom. 
Currently our room is very dark and not the most relaxing or reflective space.
I admit, I was overwhelmed when I was shopping for bedding and settled for
the most blah plum and grey color.  And honestly, my husband told me to 
stay away from ruffles, florals, pink, and pretty much anything under the sun that 
I would actually love.  Well, let's just say that that will be the last time 
I let him totally dictate our bedding. It's obvious that I have a thing for gold and white. 
So for our spruce up in this chambre I am going for just that. 
Clean and with a sprinkle of happy.
Hopefully not at all intimidating or feminine for my guys guy.

Now for the living room, this is a more aspirational take on things. 
Zara Home remains a great hub thus far for affordable range.
I love harvesting Pattexlor magic---aka pattern, texture, color 
in one space. And from my last interior post, you know that I am also crushing on 
yellow.  I currently have a black and white motif with a dash of mustard going on. 
I like it. It's slightly graphic and easy on the eyes in such a tight space. 
Definitely give a shearling or a large knit a try during this Fall/Winter
 to break up the smooth and luxe textures you may already have thrown around. 

Lastly...my daughters room. 
While it is the least bit of concern because she, thankfully has a door,
I think it still deserves a refresh. She started out in a very tomboy-ish phase,
but she is suddenly growing into her girly self. The dolls, the polish, the glitter, the bows.
(I won't lie and say that I am not thrilled...I'm elated actually!)
She's now in a Punky Brewster meets Madeline phase.
She obviously doesn't have a style per say, more like a hodge podge of likes. 
So swinging over to Land of Nod is theeee best bet for a couple of adds.
Keeping it loose and almost scrapbook-like is the direction here. 
I intend on making sure there is a language spoken without creating definitive walls
so the space can grow with her. 

I hope this helps you out a bit!
(please tell me I am not alone here!!)
Definitely let me know if you have any tips and tricks to 
making your space presentable in a pinch worth of time. 
I'd love all the help I could get.---Kel 

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