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it should stand for Do In Years. I have a million+ projects pinned, 
and haven't tackled one of them. Mainly because I forget about them. 
Partially because they are neatly tucked away on the computer and many of the are 
not needed immediately so I just store them away. 
So I figured if I bring some of my favorite DIY projects to the forefront, 
I would be more willing to actually try them or at least remember them. 

We'll start out of the gate easy
with this sweet little Lapin 
(bunny/rabbit for you non-francophiles)
for the helms of Papier Mache.
Above are the materials you will need. 
(let's give a little fist pump for no messy bits, like glue & glitter for this
project meaning it's perfect for the tykes!) 

Cut out the shapes.

Be sure to create small holes for the brads to enter through.
This will eliminate torn edges from forcefully pushing through the paper. 

Piece together the body parts in their appropriate places,
Et Voila! 
You have yourselves an array of beautiful bunnies!
These would be perfect for a birthday party or packaging even. 
Hope you enjoy!!

** please note that I am not the creator of this project. Merely an admirer. Please follow links for original source.

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