BRAVE WINGS for 2014

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oh.... this year.
how ready i am to see it fade to the background. 
not that it was bad...just more emotionally and physically taxing.
Between being let go from my job emancipated from the cube
Trying to learn how to set my business on firmer ground in between naps brought on by my 
forever long pregnancy---It just all seemed to be tiresome. 
Now that the baby is out I have a new set of eyes and gusto that is 
propelling me into the new year. 
I took a glance at my 2013 resolutions and feel like I gave it my best 
and tackled it successfully.
I'm trying my best not to create "resolutions" this time around, but more so 
adding to and fine tuning my vision list. I feel like resolutions are a bit fleeting. 
Once they are achieved then they die. I really want to make so life long adjustments. 
And give myself the proper chance to go for the gold with my company. 
Let's keep this from turning into a whine fest... I will get to the list.

1. get my wallet together---my biggest feat. why? 
because pinterest exists and I am indeed a luster that 
wishes my life would just mimic that of my wishlist/home decor/DIY boards. 
but being short of change won't get me closer.

2. My energy level doesn't match my mind and age. 
With that said, I need to eat better. 
I have a weird fruit allergy that prevents me from 
digesting the best and healthiest of the batch.
 So retraining my digestive system is quite imperative 

3. be intimate---  not just with my husband. 
 With others.
With my friends and family and strangers. 
Yes, to fully immerse myself in conversations that will feed me spiritually. 
that provokes inspiration, not negativity and soot. 
I am beyond interested in gaining some new friends. 
ones that are willing to indulge in the greatness that life has to offer and 
rid themselves of the excess weight that gossiping , whining and drama brings forth. 
I just want to relish in laughter and glitter and dancing and the beauty of friendship. 

4. invest vs. possess.
I need to shop smarter. Target is mecca, but I need to get a grip. 
I don't need everything in the dollar bins. 

I'm sure there are tons of things that I could pull from my 
fix it hat that need repair and adjustments, but these are the main ones. 
What have you got cooking for 2014?--Kel

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