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 There is nothing more exciting, nerve wracking, or tasty than a 
blank canvas begging to be adorned...
What I have here is a folding wall.
Once upon a time, it was a plain plywood.
I picked this up for 5 bucks at a garage sale in my old neighborhood over 10 years ago. 
It served as my back drop for posters of singers and morphed into my inspiration wall
full of design clippings. It even went to school with me.
Well this past year it has served a new purpose. My backdrop for craft shows. 
During the Summer show it was painted white and had product hanging from it. 
Well, that proved to be slightly dry for my taste and somewhat useless and inaccessible for 
those visiting the booth. So I told my husband that should we decide to do the Holiday show, 
we will definitely have to jazz it up a bit. 
And that is exactly what we did. 

 The Shimmy wall!!
Our first family art installation. Yes, Chloe and my husband took a 
decent stab at fringing and I must say this may be the beginning of something great. 
(my husband will beg to differ as he was exhausted from it) 
I don't recommend being 9 months pregnant trying to put something
so tedious like this together, but it seriously was just what my space needed 
to ring in the holiday season and definitely worth the physical sacrifice.

Here is the wall in action at the show. Not the best shot, 
but it was a busy day and I kept forgetting to capture my booth,
so a phone shot is all I've got to savour the memory. 

1. New TasselTail & Quinn necklace 2. Puppet Posse 3.Wallets 4.XK Macarons as tokens with purchase

This round the name of the game stayed the same as the summer show, to
Hit em with color.
So we kept the table and accents clear and white and that allowed the 
accessories to do most of the leg work. I am hoping to be able to do more shows
and really build a proper dialogue between the company and the consumer. 
So far based on the feedback from visitors, it is clear what we're all about 
And that is exciting to hear.

I've been so fortunate to come across an amazing handful of local 
designers and artists since doing the summer show. we decided to support one another
and create a little hub that I called the corner of happiness during the holiday show.
There was nothing lovelier than seeing a group of young women all passionate about 
what they've created with their hands and each representing
 this feeling of freedom, self-love, and empowerment.
Now, I could be incredibly bias, but we were definitely the best cluster.
So grateful to have met a new group of amazing gals.
Keep your eyes open for them all! Tons of greatness is to come. -Kel

If you weren't able to stop by the show, no worries!
There is still time to stop by the ICE Pop-Up Shop to 
pick up tons of wonderful items for the holidays. 
Of course they are all produced by local artist/designers. 

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