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Couldn't do it.
 I couldn't stay away. 
I told myself that I would take the rest of the year off after 
having the baby but with an extreme case of cabin fever, I simply couldn't.
Honestly, I was sitting on so much goodness that I was excited about and 
didn't want to hoard all the goodies. 
Like the pennant pins. I collaborated with HoneyComb Studio's Courtney to 
create a "pretty things" badge of honor, if you will.
Totally obsessed with marriage between white and gold right now. 

There is so much more clarity this round. 
And confetti!!
I'm starting to feel like I am creating items that are truly 
reflective of my personality and that coincide with the DNA of the company. 
With that being said, yes there are still polka dots, shiny details, and tassel frill.  
The ingredients to a perfectly balanced swoon diet.

I'm hoping as the new year ushers itself in that the 
reach will expand beyond the computer screen and
land in a few brick and mortars. 
Nothing but exciting things happening here. 
Take a visit to the shoppe to scope out some additional 

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