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There was a time during sewing class where 
we had to establish our connection to our machine. 
If you were using a Juki, a relationship had to be formed. 
You were not merely "using a machine".
So we practiced on paper. Using grids and such
to get the feel of it's fast stitching. 
I love it. Sewing is quite therapeutic for me. 
When I stumbled upon the works by Jose Romussi
I was yanked back into my college studios and the days
of the Juki.

Lately I have been all for Black & White
with sudden hits of color.
These feed right into that. 
The vibrant stitches totally bring these pictures to life
even though he is interrupting or in some cases
omitting the symbol of connection & 
communication in photos--the eyes. 

"With each new line of embroidery he invites the viewer to dream with him and to experience each subject's hidden vitality."
A perfectly articulated caption from the artist's bio 
relays the experience exactly.
See more of Jose Romussi's works here.
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