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I hope you all have had yourselves a wonderful week.
For me it has been steady.
Working on new items to put into the shoppe and pitch. 
Now that the holidays are over and Chloe is back in school, I have some 
time to work in between Levi's naps.
I finally have my energy back. So I can finally 
proceed to dream domination.
I don't have much planned for the weekend, aside from taking down our 
decorations and eating some great food and 
binging on movies with my husband.
This week has been chock full of motivation.
 It was pouring in from all 
directions it seemed.

The kid who was taken out of school and hacked the education system

Bri's creative mornings talk 

 This quote

The 3rd grader that changed my diet and increase my grocery bill

42 pieces of advice, including my own 

my hubsband and I love having this on in the background as we work

Hope you find something to fuel you this weekend if you are having to 
work, but if not, take a nap. Hell, take two if you need it or have the 
time.  A well rested mind is more fruitful than a burnt out one.

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