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Her newly launched website features moody and refreshing 
portraits of natures starlets. 

Any one else lukewarm about the arrival of Spring. 
Yes you love the floral production along the sides of roads, 
but your allergies suck the fun out of it all. 
Well, Ashley Woodson Bailey has seemed to capture the 
magic that, I think, we all admire, but without the whoas.
The lights....

...can't you feel the breeze.
In my head I can hear Corinne Bailey Rae and taste citrus water
Imagine how stunning these would be galleried on a grand wall....


Cue the symphonic crescendo! 
Aren't these images just heavy laden with drama? 
With Passion? If they could sing the sound would be 
deep and molasses-like.
There would be lyrics laced with scorn and aching, and then 
a resurgence of empowerment amongst it vulnerability and fragility.

Needless to say I adore them and have included them 
in my dream house layout daydream sessions. 
Go see the entire offering and create your own stories and personas here.

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