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Some serious hair crushin' going on in the grouping above huh?!
So over the weekend I did something new. 
Not as drastic as sky diving or anything, but definitely equally as freeing. 
(ahhhh. For those that are natural, you know what a huge deal the first time is) 
If you have been reading for a while, you know that I have been 
transitioning. (Growing out my chemically relaxed hair) 
There have been several reasons I haven't done this before. 
1. I'm too busy--Levi doesn't give me much free time these days to primp. 
2. I was scared.--I typically wasn't involved with the wash & 
style process since I decided to transition, 
so the dual textures made it difficult to handle on my own. 
3. I was worried.--More so of how I would look afterward. Would my husband still 
find me attractive. (He is a hair guy and has always fawned over my long locks).  
Will my style 
have to change to fit into the #teamnaturalista / 
#curlygirl / #curlyhairdontcare / #straighthairisforwimps mold? 
Do I have to change my persona to fit in those molds that I have
never really wanted to fit in the first place?
So many insecurities. 
It's funny how you an get so trapped in a box of your own emotion and ideals for yourself
and lose out on full on awesomeness by being safe...all the time. 
That is what my relaxed hair was/is. Safe. 
And I have completely released myself from the need to identify myself with one 
specific group. I have always strayed from the pack, so why would that change now.
I guess I assumed that growing my hair out was some how conforming 
to a new normal, but in actuality it wasn't. It was something I have always wanted 
but never had the patience, schedule, time, or resources to complete. 
Now I will have the versatility I have always wanted, plus more. 
I won't get too Iyanla here, but I will say that I am quite happy with the direction 
this is taking. --Kel

*all photos were aquired via Pinterest

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