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Hey babes! 
So in blogger land things are becoming way more awesome.
How so?
Our favourites are forcing us to log off. 
(Say WHAT??!!) 
Not forever, just long enough for us to drool over their books. 
And there are quite a few that I am pretty much dying to get my hands on.

Starting with queen mother of all things pink and gold herself
Joy Cho of Oh Joy! 
Her book Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy launches TODAY! 
(yes I am that excited that I must use all caps.) 
So prepare your screens for totally and utter Oh Joy! take over for the
next few months while we all allow every project to wash over our lives and
make our hubs miserable with the crazy amount of cute-ish DIYs we will be spewing out
for every. single. occasion. 
Hubs, you've been warned. 

Next up....

 ...boho blogger goddess 
Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow with her book 
I've been obsessed with The Jungalow for...forever. Simply for the mere fact 
that I can't seem to keep fake plants alive and in tact and Justina is surrounded 
by the most vibrant green lushness I've every seen.  Her eclectic, pattern-filled 
style is shrine worthy. No seriously. Take a look.
I sincerely feel like this book will not only be laid on as a pillow 
(so the decor geniusness can transfer through osmosis) but will act as 
a decorative piece in it's own right.

Last, but certainly the sweetest...

Ok, so I love myself a sweet treat. 
So given it someone's birthday the right time of the month, 
this book juuust might be the single most important thing in 
in all of existence. 
Yes friends it's The Sweetapolita Bakebook!!!
(cue the clouds parting and choir of angels) 
I don't know a girl that doesn't love herself some cake, 
and a pretty cake at that. 
Rosie Alyea has handed us the playbook 
to help make our whack, basic betty cakes & cookies look extra fancy!! 
I can not wait for the end of the year class party just to 
flex my frosting skills (and maybe flaunt in front of a 
room mom or two.) 

Now close your screen....
Wait first, go order your copies of these books, then
close your screen and give yourself a moment to 
do.  If you know of any other bloggers with book deals. 
let us know about it in the comments! 

Until next time...

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