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I've always been a step behind with make-up it seems. 
In high school when all the girls were shellacking on full faces, 
I "rocked" my clear mascara and Dr. Pepper lip smackers (remember those).
But I think I am just finally settling into a great rhythm 
for this visage. 
I thought I'd give you a peek into my 
perfectly curated for me make up bag!

Here's the daily shebang.
I'm wouldn't consider myself a brand snob. 
A good mix of high street and drug store seems to be my
remedy. Let's walk through a bit. 

When it comes to my base, I prefer the enhance method 
rather than the heavy coverage route. 
Skincare is huge for me---I will walk through that later on---
so the Bare Minerals brand has become my ride-or-die
for achieving a lightweight - glow enhancing face. 
The concealer (which I have dubbed the magic eraser) is my exact
(like exact EXACT) shade and does an awesome job at disguising 
those God awful acne scars and "monthly treats" in the form of pimples.
The loose powder foundation just lightly buffs it all out and creates an 
even canvas without all the....cake and still allows my skin to breathe, ya know?

Now the eyes are where it's at for me. 
The most important game changer. 
It takes me from "I've been at home under a rock with the kids all day
to I actually behold the luxury of time to keep up with myself ". 
Depending on which eyeliner product I use, determines just how much va-va
I want in my voom.  The Sephora Liquid liner I reserve for the days I have more 
time to master the flick (i.e. no screaming baby at my ankles). 
The NYC pencil is by far my most used for it's easy to apply creamy formula.
It get's me out the door the fastest.  But the ELF cream eyeliner is my 
bestie, helping me to achieve theee most perfect winged eye that lasts all day. 
I purchased the NAKED 2 palette because I had absolutely no eye shadow. 
(actually I had a holiday elf palette that honestly was a waste of money, so I let my 
daughter fiddle with it.) 
 I figured I'd splurge on a big girl palette of lovely neutrals that would carry me 
through all of the seasons. Though it's not apart of my everyday routine, it
definitely elevates my eye game on date nights and outings with the ladies. 

For my everyday lips I have 3 categories;
Errand Runs,  Feelin Fun & Girly, and Feeling Like A Lady
I have high street brands, but for a more affordable drugstore option
 I love Milani lip products for their 
incredibly moisturizing formula.
Pretty Natural (Errand Runs) is a great pinky nude color that balances my somewhat
naturally dark hyper-pigmented lips. 
Hot Pink Rage is gold for my fun & uber-girly moments. Using a 
 light brown liner will help control the application and define your lips.
I am a typically a Ruby Woo wearer, but Milani's Ruby Valentine gives 
my lips the pop & moisture that they need, especially in the cooler months.

I hope this peek helps give an idea of my up keep routine. 
And maybe even sheds a bit of light for some of you make-up newbies. 
Until next time...


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