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I must say that fall is my favorite season.
Aside for my birthday being in November, I love layering. 
But hey, it's the beginning of Summer and its hot and 
5 piece layering is completely out of the question. 
For those that need to add a bit of dimension, 
This "throw it on over pants" look is a 
very happy medium. This caftan from Adam Lippes is 
gold for me! Very food baby friendly, whilst allowing a sporadic 
cool breeze to pass through you. 

The styling of this dress is so refreshing & easy & just reads 
"cool girl". The subtle peek-a-boo of skin allows this to 
stray far from dated and stuffy. 

Can we just have a moment of silence for this 
goldenrod bit of magic by Natacha Baco!! 
Definitely on the right path to muse status with this.

So what's your favorite non-traditional Summer trend?

Until next time.

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