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Happy Friday Guys!!!
It's been very nice being back on the blog scene these past
couple of weeks. Not only have I been more visible here, but 
I feel like I've been out and about more IRL---or 
when I'm home I catch glimpses of me.
Here's what I've been up to: (L-R)

one: thumbing through Oh Joy!'s book makes my inner Martha catch fire. 
I have a few DIY interpretations inspired by her DIY's coming up in a
bit so stay tuned. 

two: Le hub and I celebrated our 4 yr anniversary at the beginning of June
and to "celebrate" we kept it pretty low key with a day date in Decatur.
We grab a bite at Souper Jenny's, shopped at local boutiques & grabbed 
a scoop (2 actually) of theeee best ice cream at Jeni's. Easy living.

three: I have recently sworn off purchasing editorials to combat my 
hoarding ways, but I couldn't resist Issue 9 of Porter Magazine 
featuring Joan Smalls on the cover. 

four: So if you've read previous posts, I am having some what of 
an artist metamorphosis.  I will be introducing new items for the 
Summer in a week or so and am really excited about 
how authentic to me the product is. 

five: I have been eyeing this boho bucket bag  for ages,
 but just didn't want to drop the money for a cloth bag.
(even though it is breathtaking) 
Well, Anthropologie is having there 50% off sale on sale merch
and guess what was included? Ding Ding Ding!!

six: Let's just say it is Summer vacation and me and the mini troops 
are spending A LOT of time together. SAHM you feel me?
It's always great to laugh it up with my bestest girl.
We have been indulging in tons of crafts for AG dolls
and focusing on esteem building to prep for the 2nd grade. 

I hope you all are doing amazing! If you haven't already 
go ahead and update your bloglovin subscription with the 
new blog address and visit the left panel for all the
ways you can stay up to date with all that's going on with 

Until next time!

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