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First and Foremost...

Happy 2016 loves. Long time no play, huh.
I'm going to keep this brief and spare you the long, drawn out
"see what had happened was" Schpeal and just leave it 
at I was handling business and taking care of my troops. 
I figured I would bring the blog back on a high note 
that kind of matches how I am feeling (not looking) these days. 

Can we talk about how the pact Adriana made to get her to stop aging!!!
Insanity, I tell you. 
Any whooo, I will be doing some light posting 
to get back in the swing of things and give those of 
you that are still hanging
a run down of some fun that be happening in the coming weeks/months.
  Hope you are all in for a fabulous weekend. 
Can't wait to chat more.

Until next time, 

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