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The first month of the year is pretty much gone and typically the whole gist is 
to get your crap in order. Or at least make it look like it.
I've succeeded at the latter thanks to my numero uno love,
The Transport Tote. 
In the most beautifully rich toffee color, this leather carry my whole life  all
has made lugging my essentials and not so essential bits a peach to 
drag along. 

Starting from the top left:
1. Kinfolk : I always have physical reading material (magazine/book) to get me off my phone
2. I typically carry 1 or 2 notebooks for random brainstorms. 
3. Sunglasses ( similar )
4. Madewell Transport Tote
5. Hand Creme
10. Revlon Nail Polish 
12. Sharpie Pen
13. Glossier  Balm Dot Com

So there you have it. All of my carry alongs.
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Note: this does not include the fruit snacks, cracker crumbs, and diapers 
that I haul.

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