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So... I'm not sure if you know, but I'm a designer. 
Not just a designer, but a lazy gal that loves looking her best. 
I know that last part is a bit of an oxymoron, but it is such a thing. 
Because of this fluke, I decided to create pieces that do a lot of the 
zshush work for me. 
(here is where I introduce the Reign Wraps) 
Quite a few of you have expressed that you loooove them, but are 
too intimidated and confused to actually wear one. 
I figured the best way to calm your wrap whoa's is to give you a 
step-by-step (ah remember that show!!!) 
of how to rock it. 

Let's begin shall we......

1.  Take the wrap and cradle your head, evening the ends. 

2. Tie the fabric once to create the anchor. 

3. Taking the end pieces, begin twisting away from the direction you plan on tucking. 

4. Tuck the remaining loose ends underneath the base of the cradle. 

Et Voila!!! You should end up with a chic style that 
would conquer any bad hair day. 

Are you swooning yet? Go ahead and grab your Ani Reign Wrap here.
And just for reading, take 20% off with code: REIGNDOWN20 
(insert dancing cha cha emoji here) 
Stay tuned for more Reign Wrap 101 style sessions. 

Until next time...

Photography: Morgan Blake IG: @moeblake 
Styling; Kel Cadet
Head Wrap : (R-KI-TEKT) 
Top : Forever 21 (similar)

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