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As I was trying to write this glorious feature,
 I had a climbing toddler throwing beads all over the living room, 
a pot of boiling water screaming at me, 
a dryer steaming up the entire house, 
and strands of uncooked spaghetti tumbling behind the stove!
Let's just say this day is going....swell.
(I'm not gonna cry! I'm not gonna cry!)

I tried to escape a bit and retreated to fantasy land aka instagram and
stumbled upon one of my favorite mom do-ers 
Latonya Yvette posing ever so chicly with a plant while moving house. 
First thought was, "Damn it! Now need some funky printed pants."
(update: scored some dope ones at H&M for $15!!! Toe-Touch!!)
Then..."Shoot! I forgot to water my plants earlier!" 
Afterward, "Wow! What an amazing being she is."  
I challenged myself to write about more than a swoon sesh 
about her smile, but it is quite infectious and is admittedly, the thing
that lured me in.

The mother of River and Oak has been a breath of fresh air on my feed for 
a few years now and a welcomed sense of foundation in this blogging world. 
Lending her unique styling tips with a pro-self love undertone and her damn-near poetic takes
 on the reality of motherhood and womanhood are resounding.

She has become this sort of muse for me. 
Whenever I create a palette for my pieces, I present to 
an imaginary panel of women that just get it and have 
Pattexlor magic (aka an eye for color, prints, patterns, and texture. 
She sits beside Solange, Justina, Tamu and my grandmother and 
give nods of approval or scrunched faces of disdain.

Aside from being a urban - bohemian style ingenue, she has willingly
peeled back the layers and allowed us to see (slash read) the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
All whilst staying very grounded and veering away from being commercial. 
I would definitely say check out her styling portfolio for some serious inspiration
and add her blog to your morning cup routine.
(yeah, just drag it on over to your taskbar now and post it note my thank you card for later)

For more peeks at those that inspire check out the
Girls That Do section of the blog

Until next time...


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