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Alright ladies! I'm back with another easy headwrap tutorial using 
(r-ki-tekt)'s Reign Wrap. You guys seemed to have enjoyed 
the previous one so I figured let's keep it going with 
the Boho Bow.
Let's begin......

 Step 1: Holding the wrap horizontally, cradle the base of your head

Step 2: Tie the wrap once. 

Step 3 : Make one loop as if you were tying a shoe. 

Step 4 : Pull the loop through to create a bow. 

Step 5 : To tidy up the bow, simply tuck the loose ends into the fabric and fluff the bow.

Et Voila!!! 
I told you that was going to be easy. 
Now come summer you will be prepped to pull your hair
up and away. 
If you would like to see more tutorials
for head wraps or....anything, send me a tweet @kelcadet 
with your suggestions!

Until next time!

Photography: Morgan Blake IG: @moeblake 
Styling; Kel Cadet
Head Wrap : (R-KI-TEKT) 
Top : Forever 21 (similar)

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