a nocturnal turn for the best

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...while seconds away from wallowing in self-pity
for lack of excitement in my life...I turned things around moments before the tears filled my eyes and left the brim of my lids....
I decided to....

1.Paint Chloe Monroe's toes a tickly pink colour...to bad she didn't sit still long enough for it to dry

2.Gave myself a Mani/Pedi...oh to be a girl

3.Watch A Little Princess:
I feel so enchanted...like all things are possible...it was so refreshing to watch something so full of innocence (minus Ms. Minchin)...the coats, the bows, the magical stories...Becky and her beautiful brown face...velvet...monkey...sunflowers...India, oh India! How I dream of thee. Your hot summers, your spices, your artistry, your sound...i WILL taste thee

4.Ate Peanut Butter and Jelly...With a tall glass of milk...yum

5.Edit Photos of Autumn pretties for (R-KI-TEKT)

Last but not least
6.Listen to the sweetest lyrics to fall from my hun's lips: "I Love You, just know that...I love you. I will call you before I go to bed." I Love that man...i really really do...ahhhh...blushing
i hope your night was/is well
Bon Nuit all you lovelies out there...

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  1. oh, I love "A little princess", I saw it a couple of years ago and found it again just recently. it's magical!